An eCommerce redesign & spa service integration


Bamford was launched in 2006 with the belief of selling clothes that were produced using only natural fibres. Today, Bamford creates high-end womens wear and skincare products. They also have various Haybarn Spa retreats located in both the UK and US.

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bamford desktop


The current website had a confusing user experience was allowing for a decline in both product and spa sales. High bounce rates indicated that users were failing to engage in content.

Bamford wanted a digital transformation which would revolutionise their online experience and enhance their digital offering. They needed a high converting website that allowed for both product and spa sales. The site also needed to effectively support SEO and back of house operations including stock management and order fulfilment.

bamford desktop


Before entering the strategy stage, it was evident that two core user journeys of the site would be the Shop and Haybarn Spa.


A sitemap was drawn up to visualise the hierarchical structure of categories. This allowed for the organisation of how each page template would be linked together.

bamford sitemap


The wireframe journeys effectively mapped out the ways in which the user would be able to effectively achieve their goal. Clickable prototypes were built to allow for research and product testing before entering design and build.

bamford wireframes


The minimalist design showcases a certain elegance, style and quality teamed with a high level of functionality. The eCommerce experience has a fluid user navigation throughout which creates and engaging and enjoyable experience with a seamless path to purchase on all sized devices.

bamford mobile mockup


During the first 3 months of the website launch (% Increase YoY)

  • November: +38%
  • December: +106%
  • January: 206%