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Award winning authority in the beauty, nutrition and wellbeing industry, Liz Earle shares her knowledge on looking and feeling great.

Through research and expertise, Liz and her team show you how to create delicious and nutritious recipes, gain knowledge in health and beauty market, and understand how to help our planet through environmental sustainability.

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Liz Earle wellbeing needed a website that linked to their offline counterpart and acted as a valuable online resource.

The objectives focused around two main points:

  • Introduce the magazine subscription service with multiple price plans as both digital and hard copy variations.
  • Evolve the brand to reflect their modern day target audience.
liz earle desktop


Liz Earle wellbeing incorporated a design which focused on providing the user with a smooth editorial experience.

Based on research, it was evident that users were more inclined to sign up the subscription service on a mobile device. However, most purchases were taking place on both desktop and tablet. The experience was curated around these findings.

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