Converting an online recipe database into an informative & engaging app


Maunika Gowardhan is Mumbai born Indian chef, author and cookery writer. With a career spanning a decade, Maunika likes to share traditional Indian dishes that are reflective of her upbringing and heritage. Maunika has cooked curries with TV chef Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal and has publications in the Sunday Times and the Telegraph.

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Maunika already had a successful Indian recipes website and was looking to convert this information into a recipe app. The app needed to incorporate features such as exclusive recipes, a recipe finder and the ability to sign in and save recipes. The app design needed to be available on both Android and IOS.

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To build an engaging web application, the process had to firstly incorporate research, wireframing and prototyping in order to provide evidence for flawless user experience and design.

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After deciding on an appropriate sitemap structure, initial wireframes were sketched out. These low fidelity wireframe ideas provided possible solutions through user journey scenarios. Once decided upon, the high fidelity wireframes were created and added into a prototyping software ready to be tested.

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When moving into design, Maunika’s current digital style guide had to be considered and fit with both IOS and Android operating systems and design languages. As both platforms has its own set of unique interactions, it was important to keep in mind the differences in order to meet the expectations of all users.


Brilliant app so easy to use and so many great recipes. If you love Indian food you just have to get this app!

Daniel Blake - Android User

Maunika’s one of the best chefs/ food writers around - her recipes are foolproof, easy to follow and taste delicious. This app really is a godsend.

Scandilicious - IOS User3
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With high downloads and ratings in both the App Store and Google Play, Maunika’s fans seem to have been delighted by the new Indian recipe app. The app had a number of positive achievements including reaching number one in the IOS Food & Drink category in its first week.