Elevating a leading mobile telecommunications provider


Vodafone is one of the leading mobile telecommunications providers with around 19.5 million mobile and internet customers in the UK alone.

Vodafone Enterprise UK assists with businesses ranging from small start-ups, sole traders, SOHO’s, SMB’s, SME’s, MME’s all the way to large corporations within the UK.

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Vodafone was looking for an agency to help them ‘get the basics right’ which allowed them to align all current targets and forecasts for 2018.

A full website audit was needed to give a analysis of all factors that affected the website's visibility. This included both UX and CRO recommendations.

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When landing on the homepage of the business site, there was a lot of different sections, which made it hard for the user to distinguish what the next step on the site is. This made it easy for the user to get lost and drop off. This is compounded by the largely differing styles that were on the page.

There was almost too much choice and the approach needed to be simplified. User’s needed be guided into different funnels based on their organisation type. This would allow the site to tailor their content for an individual much earlier on the site. Simplifying the journey made it easier to learn about how users are interacting with the site and where the bottlenecks are.

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Users would benefit from being served information in a more consistent and digestible format. In addition to refining how the content is laid out, there were recommendations for reducing the amount of related content the user is shown to ensure focus is maintained. Finally, users were encouraged to progress through the site using a visual representation of how close they are to completing their journey.

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