Evolving a digital empire of premium drink mixers


Fever-Tree is a producer of premium drink mixers. The company was set up by co-founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow while on a mission to create the perfect G&T.

A tonic tasting session in 2004 began this journey. The research suggested that while there was an evolving array of premium spirits, the majority of mixers were being mass-produced and contained artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

Charles and Tim embarked on a fifteen-month journey in a quest to revive the nations favourite G&T. They searched worldwide for the finest natural ingredients and perfected their recipe for the original Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water.

The premium company now produces award-winning mixers under the famous slogan - If ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best.

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Fever-Tree achieved significant growth and was approximately 8 times the size it was in 2013 and distributing in 65 countries. As a result, the digital requirements evolved and the expectations from both consumer and trade changed. To address this, Fever-Tree needed to review their web and digital and create changes that could see them through their next stage of growth.

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As a global brand, the following needed to be considered:

  • Tell the brand story
  • Educate on products
  • Appeal to stockists and trade
  • Serve all 65 markets
  • Align to their new BVI
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Fever-Tree required a world-class site that reflected campaigns, social media, brand identity, events trade support and training. The site needed to be the epitome of everything that Fever-Tree stands for and effectively tell the brand story

Core brand characteristics included:

  • Premium
  • Educate on products
  • Pioneering
  • Authentic
  • Crafted

In parallel with Fever Trees goals, the plan was to deliver an inspirational, pioneering and innovative digital campaign.

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Fever Tree’s positioning surrounds the exploration of natural ingredients for exceptional taste ensuring. when paired with mixers, consumers have the best quality drink. Competitors such as Halewood’s and Primrose are starting to mimic this which is blurring the lines between their differentiation.

It was fundamental that the new website was built in a way that can scale and evolve with the growth of the business, not just in the UK but internationally.

Telling the Brand Story

Fever Tree had a relatively short yet inspiring brand story. From the founders’ eureka moment when they realised that premium spirits were being given a disservice by existing mixers, to their 18-month journey to the ends of the earth to find the finest ingredients.

Distilling Expertise

Fever-Tree wanted every spirit consumer and trade stockist to look to Fever-Tree for expertise and knowledge to help them create the best-tasting drinks.

Several tools existed, predominantly in a static format, that aided both the consumers and trade to navigate the ever-growing gin category. This was expanded on by making certain tools interactive including the Gin Pairing Wheel.

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