Introducing an online eCommerce boutique store experience


Bringing the bohemian to the beach. Luxury beachwear retailer By Rory stocks over 150 carefully selected brands across 8 boutique stores around the world including Portugal, St. Lucia, Greece & Spain.

By Rory’s idea was that they could bring the ideology of their global boutiques stores online. The outcome was the creation a truly natural and elegant digital experience that successfully showcased the clothing, brands and boutiques.

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The current site set up was a one page brochure with no content management system in place. The site had a slow page speed and was producing a clunky user experience. The site was failing to keep up with the fresh visual standards of the brand and failing to target their millennial audience.

byrory desktop


When approaching the redesign, the site needed to digitally recreate the boutique in store experience.

There needed to be a clear focus on the user which created an online experience that streamlined the path to purchase. In doing so, the site would and encourage exploration, which was perfectly striking with By Rory’s core consumer desires.

by rory full mockup showcase

Design & Development

Throughout the research and product testing, key insights were created that informed the design and interface decisions for the eCommerce platform. The best practices and standards in eCommerce were implemented, bringing knowledge of the brand and user experience to the platform to guarantee success. Templates were developed which catered for a unique look and feel so the user can find, understand and enjoy every part of the experience.

Backend integration allowed for the team to effortlessly update the site through its content management system.

by rory full mockup showcase 03


Since launch, the sites experience has greatly improved with a high level of online sales and low bounce rates which is evidence of the sites overall excellent experience.