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The Media Eye is an exclusive information source for the Media, PR and Marketing industry. With verified data on over 45,000 celebrities and influencers, The Media Eye provides subscribers with access to the most relevant daily bulletins, news and industry talent.

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The current brand was tired and needed and rejuvenation to keep up with the modern digital age. It was understood that the key target audience were very time focused. The sites main aim was to make accessing media and celebrity information as quick and efficient as possible.

media eye tablet mockup


An initial brand evolution piece kicked off the project with a new visual style. This was built though style tiles and mood boards and implemented into a digital style guide. This provided The Media Eye with a modern identity which could be expanded upon in design.

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A sitemap was created to give a clear idea of the websites information architecture and explained the relationship between the pages and content elements.

media eye sitemap


Taking the sitemap as a blueprint for the entire site, wireframes were created to map out individual page templates. These templates created page hierarchy and defined the relative importance of content as the user explores down the page.

media eye wireframes


A visual design system was created to communicate positioning, personality, and values. Brand guidelines and standards were implemented on how to best represent the brand across all screen sizes and channels.

A fully-responsive and flexible framework equipped the user with the tools and knowledge needed to make everyday decisions. For example, users could research on their laptop and then check for updates later on their mobile, staying connected throughout the day.

media eye desktop mockup


media eye mobile mockup showcase