Leading a digital transformation for a long standing food and nutrition enterprise


Annabel Karmel is a best-selling and trusted author for parents on baby food and nutrition. Through recipes and advice, the brand is an influential and inspiring resource that encompasses the full journey of pregnancy through to toddler.

With a career lasting over 25 years, Annabel has established the way families throughout the globe feed their babies and children. Annabel has become the UK’s number one children's cookery author with over 40 cookbooks.

With her mission to raise standards in children's diets, Annabel received an MBE in 2006 from the Queen for her outstanding work in children's nutrition sector and is recognised as one of the UK’s greatest female entrepreneurs.

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Annabel Karmel wanted a digital transformation which builds out from Annabel’s long standing expertise in food and nutrition sector and to generate income in the digital space.

With over two decades of food expertise and credibility within the parenting space, there was an opportunity to build on and develop Annabel Karmel into a more ‘social’ business and to create a vibrant and engaged audience that could be monetised.

These ideas were broken down into two specific objectives:

  • To lessen the focus on Annabel herself whilst growing the overall business in the digital space.
  • To monetise the site and community through data, partnerships and advertising
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The idea was to stay close to our heartland of food and nutrition and really work on the recipe and meal planning content with gated content only available to members to encourage signups and brand loyalty.

The current website was already a powerful platform for supporting and inspiring mums and families in relation to food. It attracted 3.6 million users annually, and secured in excess of 8,000 new signed-up members every month.

The online shop would be revamped to enable users to buy the entire product range plus linking out to Amazon and the App Store for the books and apps where applicable.

An enhanced social and community would increase engagement, value and loyalty and deliver multiple revenue streams to the company.

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The Annabel Karmel site has shown a large increase in visitors and revenue with the new re-positioning of the brand which the new online platform has enabled. The site successfully presented itself across all devices to cater for the busy mum demographic which gave the site the best opportunity to interact with their users across all platforms.