Restructuring the appearance of a high-performance automobile manufacturer


Bugatti is a French high-performance automobile manufacturer based in Molsheim/Alsace. The brand stands for utmost technological performance and aspiration to the highest quality, precision, and perfection.

The brand was founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti and built up its unique reputation through its racing successes.

Today Bugatti is constantly striving to live up to Ettore Bugatti’s quest for perfection, beauty, technological progress and the extraordinary in every aspect.

The brand continues to pursue the famous claim of its founder “If comparable, it is no longer a Bugatti”.

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Bugatti was looking to restructure its current Social Media appearance and develop it into the social benchmark for all supersport car brands. The content and appearance needed to be elegant, unique with distinguishable visual language.

bugatti instagram grid mockup


Bugatti was looking for brand direction within the digital luxury sphere. They needed advice within digital media communication from a highly creative and innovative approach. Ideas needed to come from a strong knowledge of the Bugatti brand and its positioning.

Bugatti was seeking to increase its overall product, brand awareness and its positioning in the luxury and automotive world through strategic social media campaigns.

The following outcomes needed to be considered:

  • Make Bugatti the most desirable luxury automotive brand inside and outside Social Media.
  • Make Bugatti in social media what it is in the automotive world: the benchmark in technology, beauty, and quality.
  • Enhance Bugatti’s social media reach and fan base (without paying for ads or influencers).
bugatti instagram grid mockup