Showcasing up-and-coming designers ahead of London Fashion Week


Tod's Footwear are an iconic Italian designer brand. Tod’s encapsulates a lifestyle that marries timeless elegance with supreme quality. A lifestyle linked innately to the concept of Italian flair, good taste, and Savoir Vivre.

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To design and build The Tod’s Legacy microsite ready for London Fashion Week 2021. The site needed to be a digital exhibition that unveiled fashion projects for 35 young designers from all corners of the world and showcase their stories and work, all toed in one common theme, LEGACY.

The following project goals were put in place:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promot London Fashion Week
  • 184m average duration spent on site
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Tod’s Academy collaborated with Central Saint Martins to embark on a project with the goal to protect and extend Italian craftsmanship from generation to generation, blended with the creativity of 35 young designers.

The Tod’s Legacy project was due to be exhibited “physically” at London Fashion Week. However, due to the pandemic, the exhibition had to be launched online.

The short timeframe for the scope of work meant that the entire project from start to finish in 8 weeks. Secondly, the digital exhibition had to be as interactive and engaging as possible to make audiences feel like they were physically there.

tods double homepage showcase


With a tight turnaround of 8 weeks, a completely bespoke microsite was designed that housed “a laboratory of creative ideas”. The design needed to house the innovation, creativity, and legacy of the Tod’s brand. The theme, LEGACY, explored how these remarkable designers have taken inspiration from their own heritage, world history, and the incredible craft they have fallen in love with. It was important the site remained true to the heritage of Tods but also showcased clean sleek features and user experience too.

tods mobile mockup showcase


The website was delivered in time for London Fashion Week. To meet the deadline, the website was built on custom code with no CMS platform. Each student’s work was accompanied by its own curated story and video to provide a fully immersive experience, as well as the Academy descriptions which gave the students a high level of visibility to their work.